From the Director - The Revd Dr Liz Carmichael - April 2017

Dear Friends of St Theosevia’s,

Thank you for your support of last term's programme. Nicholas Gendle took us on a fascinating tour to Georgia; and the day on concepts of purgatory provided much food for thought on personal growth and eternal life.

On Saturday 20 May (Fourth Week) we host a group of scholars, organised by Dr Cressida Marcus, doing interesting new work for a book on the Ethiopian Orthodox Church in its African Cultural Context. Ralph Lee of SOAS explores the Book of Enoch, which is uniquely preserved and regarded as canonical by the Ethiopian and Eritrean Orthodox Churches. Interestingly, it was made use of in ancient times by the Dead Sea Scrolls community, where portions of the text are preserved.

Tom Boylston (Edinburgh Univ.) presents fascinating research on the use of media and lively new thinking among Ethiopian Orthodox youth.

Eloi Ficquet (Sorbonne) considers the dietary rules, which encompass not only those surrounding meat as a marker of faith (and a boundary marker between Christians and Muslims) but also taboos taken from Jewish precepts, as well as orthodox food avoidances that accompany a complicated calendar of feasts and fasts. Extra papers will be given, possibly after 4 pm, by two students, on Holy Water and on ancient and modern painting.

The African theme continues on Saturday 3 June when Dr Nicholas Gendle will be with us again to explore the art and architecture of Coptic Egypt. All are welcome, we look forward to welcoming you to these Study Days.


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